Healthy Ice Cream

Homemade ice cream contributes to a healthy diet

Ice cream is a food that provides an important source of calcium, protein, high energy and other nutrients such as vitamin B2. For this reason ice cream is the appropriate alternative for people of all ages, and even more for children, adolescents, the elderly and pregnant women.

In the case of calcium, the ice cream is an excellent  option to complete the recommended daily amounts of this mineral, especially for those people who have the habit to avoid taking minerals through other dairy products or vegetables. Ice cream, and especially handcrafted or homemade ice cream, is perfect because almost everybody likes ist.
It is also to be pointed out  that the lack of fat in the sorbets (waterbased ice cream) make it adequate for people who have problems related to cholesterol and, depending on the nature and amount of fruit that contain, they can provide varying doses of vitamins and minerals also.

Icecream, made the proper way, is not to be seen as a simple sweet, it has rather to be seen as a fully healthy nutritional element that can be a part of our daily diet, providing us with minerals and vitamins necessary for the human body.