The ice cream of Gelatolina

A real treat for your senses

The homemade ice cream Gelatolina - always fresh, creamy, nutritious and healthy, it is of course not only nice to look at, but also of exceptional taste: Delicious creations with a very fine and creamy textures with authentic flavor, made to sweeten your day. We work with own Italian recipes and healthy and balanced ingredients to form a sensational ice cream.
We have the classic flavors and unique creations, made from fresh fruit sorbets and ice cream without sugar, specially designed for diabetics and for clients who prefer a diet low in calories and fat.
Hygiene and careful selection of ingredients and rigid controls and frequent effect of approved laboratories ensure our continued high level of making ice cream.
We present our wide variety of delicacies in a beautiful and elegant environment, at affordable prices for everybody.Hope to see you soon!

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