About us

and about how our delicious ice cream was born

The idea to make a good delicious homemade icecream appeared on the mind of a german chef working abroad in the year 2000. After his quite long trajectory through the world of 'la cuisine' he was passionately experimenting with handcrafted icecream and the creation of its recipes, based on italian originals but always trying to get a little extra into that, to make it more delicious and more creamy and better everything. 

He started making his ice cream in Spain in the year 2004, in a small ice cream lab in Andalucia, starting with a local sale in a small town and making deliveries to beaches and town fairs nearby. After all, it has been  7 years of experimenting and working with ice cream, improving recipes and all, when in 2007 he and his wife decided to open a decent ice cream parlour in Almuñecars Paseo del Altillo in the province of Granada, taking his passion for ice cream to its town and its tourists.