Gelato vs Industrial icecream

Handcrafted icecream (Gelato) has plenty of advantages

here are many differences between gelato and industrial ice cream. In this comparison you can discover why gelato is much healthier.


It is made ​​in a workshop/laboratory, basically all by manual procedures. In its production are used only fresh ingredients and, unlike industrial ice cream, no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. They have much less air and less fat (only 7-8%) incorporated. The price is considerably higher than that of industrial ice cream because of the quality and quantity of the products used and because of being a small-scale production. It is a creamy ice cream with more body.

Industrial icecream:

Ice cream produced in industrial plants which production involves the use of coloring and flavoring ingredients to manipulate its appearance and taste. The industry is looking to manufacturing a product at the lowest possible cost, so they use lower quality ingredients and change fresh milk for solid dairy milk, cream for coconut fat and more. Above all, it carries a large amount of entrained air (up to 100%). This way there is more volume and due to its mass production it is more economical. It also contains too much fat (up to 30%) of plant origin. The industrial icecream is usually less creamy than a handcrafted gelato.