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Nuestras Copas de Helados

Classic Sundae
The Classic - strawberry, vainilla and chocolate icecream with whipped cream
Chocolate Passion
Dark chocolate icecream with chocolate bits and wafers, chocolate sauce and whipped cream
Sundae Amarena Cherry
Creamy vanilla icecream with Amarena-Cherries and whipped cream
Coconut-icecream with ron Malibu and whipped cream
Peach Melba
Vanilla icecream, peach with strawberry sauce and whipped cream
Sundae San Marco
a very tasty combination: milk-caramel, chocolate, chocolatechip and white chocolate icecream with a dash of Amaretto
Brownie Sundae
delicious white chocolate icecream with brownies, chocolate sauce and whipped cream
Sundae Caramendra
toasted almond chips with caramel sauce mixed with icecream with caramelsauce and whipped cream on top
Spaghetti Icecream
Vanilla icecream with strawberry sauce
Banana Split
Vanilla and chocolate icecream and whipped cream in a banana boat, garnished with cocolate sauce and almonds.
Vanilla and lemon icecream with orangejuice, topped with whipped cream and cherry sauce.
Champagne on Ice
Vanilla and Lemon Icecream with Champagne
Fresh Fruit Sundae
Creamy fruitsorbet with fruitsalad and whipped cream
Yogurt Sundae
Drinkyogurt with creamy yogurt icecream and fruit sorbet garnished with a little topping of whipped cream
Maya the Bee
for our kids...